Saturday, August 11, 2012

You'll know them by their love...

The other day, I was listening to a sermon on the radio and the pastor was preaching on John 13:35  "By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."  The pastor was saying that as Christian's most people aren't known for their love but what they're against.  Like being against abortion, Islam, or gay marriage.  This has always bothered me and a pastor/friend of mine once said something that was paradigm shifting for me.  He said, "if Jesus were here today he'd be hanging out with the prostitutes, abortion doctors, drug dealers and the gays".  Jesus hung out with the prostitutes, the tax collectors, sinners, and the lepers.  And yet, we as Christians typically have contempt for the prostitutes, abortion doctors, drug dealers, and the gay community. According to what I see in scripture, most Christian's have the wrong attitude.

The support Chick Fil A day last week really bothered me, not because I don't believe in traditional marriage or freedom of speech because I absolutely do, what bothered me was it became about hating gay people.  What about love?  What I see in scripture is that love never fails and kindness leads to repentance.  My daughter is a lesbian.  There I said it.  I love her unconditionally and accept her.  In regard to the Chick Fil A day this is what she posted on Facebook "To all the Christians blowing up my newsfeed about gay marriage and freedom of speech: why didn't you take your money and buy groceries for a homeless person? Pretty sure that's what Jesus would have done anyways".  That's how I feel as well and again not because I'm against Chick Fil A, traditional marriage, or freedom of speech.  If I read scripture correctly, what I see is that the only people Jesus was against was the self righteous religious rulers.  I see Jesus taking care of the lost, hanging out with the sinners, healing the sick. He said to do the same thing.  (I think there are something like 300 verses about caring for the poor/least of these, Jesus was deeply concerned about social justice.)

I don't often post about my walk with God or my's been a difficult journey the past year or so.  If I've said something to offend you that is not my intention, so I invite you into a conversation with me about it.  I see Jesus being about relationship, with His father and others, and I want the same thing.  I want to be about love, peace, patience, kindness, and of course beauty.

Until next time.