Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things I'm thankful for...

It's November 10th and I realized I haven't posted since last month.  I can hardly believe the Holidays are upon us.  I love fall, as you already know and Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  At our house I like to go around the table and have each person say what they are thankful for.  This month I see a lot of people on Facebook saying each day what they're grateful for, I'm late coming into it so I thought I'd just list a few things here.

  1. A God who loves me no matter what!
  2. My health
  3. A loving husband
  4. Three smart, healthy, talented children that are growing up to be amazing people
  5. Having a loving family (parents, sister, cousins)
  6. Being able to live in a free country
  7. Dear friends that love and support me
  8. My job and getting to work with great people
  9. Opportunities to grow and change
  10. My talents/skills 
I encourage you to take a little time this month and reflect on what you're grateful for.  Even in hard seasons we have a lot to be thankful for (trust me, on this one!).