Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another milestone

Well, I made it through another milestone. A week ago I turned 40. Jade threw me a surprise party with my girlfriends, which was very sweet and I had a GREAT time. One confession, she did have to tell me...three or four people invited me out for the night and I said no. Finally, on Thursday she had to tell me so I'd leave the house. She said I was being a miserable brat, she's probably right.

I had my agenda, I wanted to do my usual Sat. morning thing of going to the gym and the farmer's market, add in a pedicure for the day and I was happy. Well sort of, I'd really wanted to have a birthday party this year but with Jade leaving for college in 2 weeks and having a party this week for her I just didn't want the bother. I figured I'd have a party at some point, I mean really, I'm going to be 40 for the entire year. I am amazingly blessed! I have incredible friends, awesome kids and a wonderful husband. I especially love my GIRLFRIENDS! Thank you for a wonderful birthday...even if you weren't able to make it, your notes, thoughts, gifts and prayers, I cherish.

And now...we're having a graduation/going away party for Jade. I'm not sure what I'm wearing yet, except I know I'll have waterproof mascara on! Seems to be a regular thing lately...

I hope you've a beauty filled week.