Sunday, September 5, 2010

Settling In

I write this today sitting in Mammoth Lakes, CA. It's so beautiful in this part of the state! See for yourself at I really needed this for my soul, unfortunately I haven't been able to unplug as much as I had hoped, there's been lots to do for my uncle's memorial service this evening. I have been out for a walk and a run and today we're going to the top of the ski area

It's been a week since I moved Jade into her dorm at LMU, moving day I was a disaster, on more levels that one. Day 2 was better, they had welcome stuff for the parents and a wonderful Mass at 5:00 pm. I really love the Jesuits, if I could find a church like that near me, I think I'd go quite often. It was an emotional service, I felt really settled and very good about where she's at. I miss her like crazy but I'm adjusting to a new normal. Thank God for technology! Texting, cell calls and FB chat are keeping us connected!

Something I realized is that we went from having 3 kids at home to two, there was a time when we only had 2. Then, when Christian goes to college, we'll only have 1 at home and there was a time when we only had one....what a strange paradox. Then it will be just the two of before kids. I guess that's when we've really worked ourselves out of a job.

I'm heading out for a walk, to just enjoy the majesty of the mountains. I'm finding beauty, I hope you are too.