Sunday, March 28, 2010

The college journey with Jade

So the final score is Jade has been accepted at 7/8 of the Universities that she's applied to!  Pretty impressive.  I am very proud.  *sigh*  Now comes the sorting process.  My first choice for her is Pepperdine.  Mostly because it's a Christian college.  Not to mention that I love Malibu and I have a friend that works there.  She's gotten great packages Loyala Marymout and Occidental.  Neither of which we have visited yet.  So we'll see.  Much prayer and fasting will go into the decision.  If you're reading I invite you to join us.  We'd love to hear your feedback/impressions. 

I took this from Jade's blog:

Here’s how it’s stacked so far:

$1400 in loans with Oxy

$7500 in loans with Pepperdine

$7500 in loans with Seattle U

$10000 in loans from USD

Idk what is up with LMU…I got a biiiiig scholarship…it might be free with gov aid?

I don’t know or care about U La Verne or Sac State.

I’m going to appeal Pepperdine’s. If I can get it lower then I’ll decide based on that. I’ll wait to see what happens with LMU.

Oxy’s pretty boss. But so is Pepperdine. It’s pretty much between those two…considering LMU on the back-burner.

I’ll admit, I teared up a bit today when I found out that I’d gotten into Oxy. It’s a happy day. :)

Here’s my thoughts on Oxy vs. Pepperdine:

Semester in Spain-both.

Equal distance away from home.

Good food- both.

Great education- both.

Pepperdine: Malibu

Oxy: Eagle Rock.

Pepperdine: Semester in DC

Oxy: Semester at the UN.

Pepperdine- reputation & connections.

Oxy- social science (political science) FOCUS.

Pepperdine- faith.

Oxy- COST.

Pepperdine- BEACH.

Oxy- Presidential legacy. ;)

Pepperdine- internships.

Oxy- international focus (language requirements)

Pepperdine- music/opera.

Oxy- experimental & flexible style

Pepperdine- Likelihood of thriving

Oxy- Challenge in faith/ witness

Pepperdine- dorms!

Oxy- Clubs (Quidditch, Progressive Christians United, Accidentals & OxyMorons acapella groups)

Pepperdine: Waves

Oxy: Tigers

Funny side note, both of their colors are Orange and Blue!!!


Thanks for reading.  I pray you have a beauty-filled week.