Saturday, May 8, 2010

I love dresses

Dresses are a complete outfit, just add shoes. A dress can be fun, sexy, flirty, comfortable, or drop dead gorgeous. They are so versatile and so feminine. They're used for milestones...flower girl dress, prom dress, little black dress, wedding dress.

I didn't always love dresses. I remember in the third grade my mom made me wear a dress every day to school (except one), probably because I'd lived the previous 2.5 years in Mammoth and hardly ever wore a dress. I remember being teased for being "too girly" and I grew up going to a church where you had to wear a dress every Sunday or else. Bleck.

Now, it's my choice to wear dresses, and as far as being "too girly" I don't care, its part of who I am!  I'm especially fond of ones you can dress up or dress down. Over the past year I've bought a couple of my favorite dresses, ever. At Anthropologie, of course =) (Sometimes you can get great deals there.)

So for my dress loving friends my encouragement to you is to find a dress you love and wear it. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and you'll find me wearing a dress.

I hope you have a beauty-filled weekend!