Friday, April 9, 2010

The college journey with Jade 2

This week the college journey with Jade came to a close, or at least a chapter has been closed.  As of Wednesday April 7 she has officially decided to attend Loyola Marymount University.  Our day started off early and a bit rocky.  We left the house by 7:15 am and were making good time until I was rear ended on the 105 freeway at about 8:20.  I was going about 5 mph when we were hit by a Stanley Steemer carpet cleaning van.  The noise was so loud that I thought for sure the back of the car was in bad shape.  Surprisingly, there is barely any visible damage, I haven't had a chance to take it for an estimate yet, so we'll see.  Neither one of us were hurt, (well, my neck hurts a little) but I was shaking for an hour or so and was very nauseous.  We got to LMU about 9:00am, I dropped Jade off, and went to Whole Foods to get some kombucha to settle my stomach.  On my way back, she called to tell me she signed the commitment card!!  I was surprised because the night before she still wanted to visit Occidental. 

Actually, I wasn't all that surprised.  She's felt like she was supposed to go to LMU for months.  As I was driving down Lincoln Bl. over to Whole Foods, I felt like I'd come home.  We used to live in Marina del Rey and in some ways the area has changed a lot, in other ways not so much.  It was funny to see the places we used to shop, the P.O. Box place, where I used to get my hair cut, etc.  I can't tell you how many times I've driven past the hill that has LMU on the side of it.  Who would have ever thought Jade would end up going to school there....its kinda like we've come full circle.

We had a great tour of the campus.  It is gorgeous.  They say the Sacred Heart chapel is the heart of the University, they have about 1000 students for mass each week.  It's bigger (or at least it seemed like it) than most of the other campuses we've visited.  They've got an amazing gym/fitness center that is included in the costs.  There's 2 farmer's markets a week, nearby and I just found out there's a Costco close by!  That will make stocking up on things for her easy.

After the campus visit, we had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.  I drove Jade around Marina del Rey, showed her where we used to live.  We parked at the beach in Playa del Rey and walked along the was a really good day.  I'm relieved we don't have to do anymore campus visits!  Even though Pepperdine was my first choice, I think LMU is a better fit for who Jade is.

Oh and LMU's mascot is the lion!  Aslan is on the move.

(If you'd like to read Jade's blog here's a link )

Have a beauty-filled week.